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Meet the maker – design

#Marchmeetthemaker Day 20 @joannehawker #sketchbook This is not easy, l’m quite shy with my sketchbook, not the best ‘drawer’! But it is a tool and allows me to see how the design will work in terms of size and shape. Then l can redraw and see if something better comes along.  

Recommend a maker

#marchmeethemakerday10 @joannehawker#Recommendamaker There are so many wonderful makers l could recommend! Here are a few of my favourites: Katrin Moye‘s beautiful ceramics, Kirsty Elson Designs evocative sculptures, Helaina Sharpley’s incredible wire drawings and Little Burrow Designs story boxes. What’s not to love!

The maker’s tools

#marchmeetthemaker Today’s topic is ‘Tools’. My favourite tools are my saw and my little pliers, but l have quite a good collection. The more you have, the more you want! Strong hands are the most perfect tools, without them l would struggle! Thanks to @joannehawker for coming up with the#marchmeetthemaker challenge. It’s really interesting to […]

Meet the maker – me!

This year l thought l would attempt to take part in#marchmeetthemaker and the topic for today is ‘you’. I’m Caroline and this is me in my workshop. It is always packed with little treasures l have found when l’m out walking my dogs and also lots of pictures of things that inspire me. I have […]