Me, my work and my inspirations

I am a jewellery designer and maker, specialising in hand saw-piercing, fabrication and stone-setting. My design inspiration is very often taken from natural patterns and shapes, taking cues from botanical form and structure – seed pods, flowers, leaves, buds and twigs. Whether it is sewing, knitting, embroidery or painting, I have always enjoyed creative and making processes.

I walk my dogs regularly in the nearby Ashdown Forest, picking up tiny ‘treasures’ as I go, which fill my workshop shelves. I am never without at least one sketchbook to sketch ideas for new pieces. I also recently began a painting course to improve my illustration technique. Poetry, literary quotations and proverbs sometimes find their way into my work, if only as a thought or a feeling. John Keats, EE Cummings and WB Yeats are among my favourites.

Let us take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees


I feel every piece of jewellery I make almost has a story to tell, evolving from my love of nature and my desire to create things of lasting beauty.

I found my true niche when I began to work in precious metals. Enjoying the technical challenges of creating jewellery by hand and the never-ending range of techniques open to me. Perfecting my skills – and learning new ones – has became a passion for me.

Ethics and sustainability

I create beautiful and sustainable jewellery, wherever possible using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones. One of my favourite ways of achieving this is by recycling metals and gemstones from existing pieces, retaining the sentimental connection in a uniquely personal design.

Throughout the ages, the gift of jewellery has communicated a sentiment or message, whether love, friendship, thanks or remembrance. I hope that my jewellery expresses these feelings and will stand the test of time to become much-loved family heirlooms.